Gift saddle pads and breast plates this #GivingTuesday

Saddle pads and breast plates for #GivingTuesday 2018

We take great pride and care of our mounts, but our work is demanding and laborious. Hours in the saddle and miles patrolling Indianapolis every day take a toll on our gear. We need your help to purchase 15-20 breast plates and 15-20 saddle pads.

Saddle pads rest under the saddles and sit directly on the horse. They help keep the horse cool and dry, prevents chaffing, and keep the rider comfortable.

Breast plates are a securing mechanism for the saddle and rider. These leather straps wrap around the horse’s front chest and neck to keep the saddle secure. We purchase durable, padded breastplates so it’s comfortable for the horse and prevents chaffing or skin tearing.

Saddle pads are about $60 each and breast plates are $65 each. We need to raise $2,500 to purchase enough to last through 2019.

Your donation is tax-deductible. To purchase one or more of each or both, use the form below to securely checkout. You can also donate a specific amount to be earmarked for pads and breast plates.

The officers of IMPD Mounted Patrol, their mounts, and the board of the IMPD Mounted Horse Patrol Association thank you.

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