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Mounted News – December 2020

Note from the HPA: After many years of service, Sgt. Allan Whitesell has moved on in IMPD’s ranks. His years of dedicated service to IMPD and the Mounted Patrol have not gone unnoticed. Now, he hands over the reins to Sgt. Tyneka Sperry, who we’re pleased to welcome and look forward to working with. Sgt. Sperry has put together a short briefing below on the state of the Unit.

This year has been a long one, but some good came out of it! As we prepare to move into 2021, I’d like to share some updates as well as the progress we’ve made thanks to your contributions.

New Fence

Mounted News - December 2020 1

The Fence is up! Temporary fencing was placed on the North side of  the new street. We now have a dry pasture and have already spent time riding/training in it!

New Keypads

Mounted News - December 2020 2

Keypads are GREAT! Now, in case of emergency our control operators and fire department can gain entry quickly!

New Saddle Pads

Mounted News - December 2020 3

Cody approves of the new saddle pads! They fit and are washable! Thank you!

New Saddle Racks

Mounted News - December 2020 4

The saddle racks arrived today, we will get them assembled and the tack can start coming in immediately! We are excited to have all of this gear in a climate controlled, well lit ,secure environment. As we do this we will separate the old tack and begin the process of sorting what we use and do not. As we discussed some can go to Missy for the store, and some to auction. It will be nice to see what is in the back of that semi!
The slow feeders should ship any day and we can’t wait to add those to the stalls.

Barn Update

Mounted News - December 2020 5

We did a sight visit at Hilltop farms last week with a local builder. They are putting together an estimate that I am very optimistic about!! Missy and Chrissy from the Public Safety Foundation were able to be there and discuss a lot of the plans, as well as the cost savings that we found in previous plans. I am excited to get the estimate and share it for everyone’s input.

Just some things to point out, the previous plans had 18ft ceilings throughout the entire main building, this is not only unnecessary but costly. The indoor arena only needs to be 16ft., with the rest of the building only needing 12 ft. ceilings.

We also discussed making the aisles 3 in. asphalt instead of concrete, this is not only cost effective it is safer. Concrete is slick and asphalt provides natural traction especially for shoed horses!
The arena was originally 100×200 which is huge! We have asked for an estimate based on an arena that would be 140×80. This is still a large indoor arena but will greatly decrease the cost!

Horse Sponsorship Program

We have been working on a proposal for a horse sponsorship program to offset the cost of horse maintenance. Officer Phillips has done a lot of the leg work for this and I look forward to showing you the final product soon!

We are also working on a couple of other proposals, one is a fence post adoption program. This would entail members of the community adopting a fence post. They would “buy” the post and we would place a small name plate on it.  This will not only involve the community but also help pay for the fencing of the new pastures!

Volunteer Opportunities

We will be looking for some assistance with a few things in the near future if we have any volunteers!  I have a lot of emails and Facebook messenger contacts that are difficult to provide the proper attention to.  Having someone that could address these even an hour or two a week would be very helpful, especially adding the sponsorship of a horse program! 

Again, these are all coming soon and I just like to keep everyone updated and on the same page! 

Communication is key to every good relationship!  

Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you, and I look forward to seeing/ speaking to you soon! 

Tyneka Sperry M2

Caesars Entertainment Group makes $50,000 gift to fund new IMPD Horse Patrol barn

IMPD Horse Patrol Barn Donation event
Mayor Joe Hogsett (foreground) and Police Chief Randell Taylor (second from left) join IMPD Mounted Horse Patrol Association to receive $50,000 gift for new horse barn

Today members of the IMPD Mounted Horse Patrol Association were joined by Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett, IMPD Police Chief Randell Taylor, and the Unit members to receive a $50,000 from Caesars Entertainment Group in support of a capital campaign for a permanent home.

“When you tour the grounds, you see a new facility is needed,” remarked Mike Rich, senior vice president and general manager of Indiana Grand Racing & Casino. “We’re thrilled to be able to help kickstart this campaign.”

Capital campaign donations made to the Association support costs to build a new barn on property adjacent to the current Tibbs Avenue site. Counting the Caesars Entertainment donation today, the Association has raised nearly $200,000 toward its $1 million goal. 

These officers and these animals deserve it.

– Mayor Joe Hogsett

“Our teams are passionate about finding ways to work on projects we believe are impactful to communities,” said Trent McIntosh, senior vice president/general manager of Harrah’s Hoosier Park Racing & Casino. “These equine athletes help the IMPD do their jobs every day.”

“We’re here to keep our community safe and improve relationships,” said Mayor Joe Hogsett. “There are no better ambassadors than the horses I stand in front of today. One day soon you’ll see a state of the art of location at this site.

“I want to thank Mike and Trent of Indiana Grand and Harrahs for this $50,000 contribution,” said Mayor Hogsett. “These officers and these animals deserve it.”

“I always had a connection to large animals,” said Chief Randell Taylor, whose father was a professor of veterinary medicine at the University of Illinois. “He’d show them to me, and I was in awe. I didn’t come to Indy until 1993, and one of the first things I saw downtown was the Mounted Patrol. My heart is really for these horses.”    

IMPD Mounted Horse Patrol and Mayor Joe Hogsett

About the capital campaign

The donation is designated for the capital campaign underway to design, build, and maintain a new horse barn and permanent home for the Unit, formed in 1983. For over fifteen years, the Unit officers and their horses have operated from a set of three small construction trailers donated by the Lilly corporation and a small barn at 77 N. Tibbs on the west side of Indianapolis not intended for long-term use. The average lifespan of these trailers is two or three years, maximum.

“We have twenty acres on the grounds of the former Central State Hospital,” noted Allan Whitesell, IMPD Horse Patrol Sergeant. “Every day you will see us out doing community relations and crowd management, ensuring viable access for emergency crews and patrolling the infield at the Track. And when we patrol the neighborhoods of Indy, there’s nothing better than a young kid running to us: We know for many, a police horse may be one of the only interactions they have with us.”

IMPD Mounted Horse Patrol accepts capital campaign donation check

“I look at my job as the fun deputy chief, with motorcycles and this patrol,” said Josh Barker, IMPD operations department chief. “There is nothing more endearing in an era of mechanized policing than getting out of our cars and being available.”

“My sincere thanks to Caesars,” said Chris Golightly, executive director of the IMPD Horse Patrol Association. “We met here in January, and they gave us a commitment at that time after touring. We’re all incredibly indebted to that. If you know anyone interested in getting this facility built, I’ll tell this story and show you the grounds.”

As Downtown businesses request more police patrols and parks and greenways are busier than ever, the Unit and their equine partners need your help. The IMPD Horse Patrol Association is a non-profit organization that raises funds to supplement costs including Unit horses, field fencing, grooming supplies, salt blocks, and tack, along with officer training and classes.

You can donate online now. If you’d like to make a large donation or learn more, contact Chris Golightly, executive director of the association.

Updated: Our barn dog AJ needs $3,500 for surgery to save his leg


Our dog AJ is in a cast while we raise money to fund his medical care.

Update, December 11, 2019 We’ve exceeded our fundraising goal, to $4,149.88 as of this morning, December 11. Everyone at the Mounted Horse Patrol Association and the Unit is humbled and immensely thankful for the donations made by over 100 individuals yesterday and today. Thanks to your support, AJ is undergoing surgery today to repair his leg. You can continue to donate below and 100% of the proceeds will be earmarked for future medical and veterinary care for AJ and our horses in the future. Money donated here to the IMPD Mounted Horse Patrol Association is tax-deductible. Earlier, December 10, 2019 Everyone at the IMPD Mounted Patrol and Horse Patrol Association were sad to see that our barn dog, AJ, injured his leg on December 9. We’re not entirely sure of the circumstances of how he injured it. We suspect he may have been hit by a car. We took AJ to the vet and learned our options are either a $1,500 amputation or $3,500 surgery. We need your help to raise $3,500 to cover the cost of this leg and life-preserving surgery. Naturally, we love AJ as much as our horses. And AJ is vital to our operations here helping us keep the barn and field free of pests. The IMPD Mounted Horse Patrol Association can receive donations on behalf of the Unit. The Association will also be directly covering the costs of his vet care. With the surgery, his veterinarian expects AJ to make a complete recovery in due time.

Donate to AJ’s recovery and 100% of the proceeds will be dedicated to medical care

Where your money goes when you donate here

  • You can donate securely and safely below.
  • All donations earmarked toward AJ up to $3,500 will be directed straight to his medical costs.
  • Any donations received beyond $3,500 will be earmarked for additional medical care for the horses and AJ that will no doubt arise in the future.
  • Donations are tax-deductible and are handled by the IMPD Mounted Horse Patrol Association, a nonprofit 501(c)3 caretaker organization.
AJ the Barn Dog

Our barn dog, AJ, needs help to cover the cost of leg-preserving surgery.

AJ the Barn Dog

Road Rally Charity Challenge: Local Charities To Compete For $50,000 Dollars

Road Rally Charity Challenge: Local Charities To Compete For $50,000 Dollars 6 Leave it to auto enthusiast, Stutz Factory owner and community philanthropist Turner Woodard to create a unique and exciting way for local charities to raise money. “Sure, the Woodard Van Riper Family Foundation can just write a check for a worthy cause we believe in and we certainly do”, states Turner Woodard, head of the Woodard Van Riper Family Foundation, “but our marquee event is a road rally where we bring together 12 charities, they get to know each other in a competitive and social setting and every charity who participates receives a donation”. The total amount awarded is over $50,000 dollars, with the winning charity receiving $12,500, second $10,000 and third place $7,500. The remaining nine charities receive $2,500 dollars each. The charities competing are College Mentor for Kids, Heartland Film Festival, IMPD Mounted Horse Patrol, Indy Humane, Indiana Landmarks, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, WFYI, National Junior Tennis League (NJTL), The Villages, Christel House, Children’s Bureau and A Little Help. For those new to road rallys, it’s a fun-filled, adventurous, scenic drive with a purpose! Rallys don’t involve speed and teams can compete in regular passenger cars. They really only need some directions, a watch, a pencil, paper and a keen sense of awareness! Each car has a driver and navigator. The winner is determined by the most correct answers completed in the lenient designated timeframe. IndyCar driver Conor Daly is this year’s celebrity starter. The Woodard Van Riper Family Foundation Charity Road Rally is Saturday, October 5th. It starts at 10am at The Stutz Factory in downtown Indianapolis, drives to a lunch stop at King Dough Pizza in Bloomington and rallies to a finish with an awards dinner at Turner Woodard’s Wasatch Lake Retreat in Poland, Indiana, all while meandering through the Indiana country side following clues and looking for signs and landmarks to answer specific questions for points. The family foundation is truly a family affair with Diann Woodard, TJ Woodard, Whitney Woodard, Taylor Woodard and extended family all lending a hand to make sure everyone feels welcome. “The rally encourages charity staff members, donors and their board of directors to work together as teams and get to know each other better by creatively solving a driving, road sign quest”, says TJ Woodard. “Too often charities are competing for the same donors. By bringing 12 charities together to compete at an event, the charities get to better know each other, how they can help each other and the safety net to our community grows wider and stronger than previously may have existed before”, adds Taylor Woodard, who travels in from Denver, Colorado for each rally. Although the Woodard Van Riper Family Foundation has a formal mission statement, the bottom line is GET INVOLVED and each family member is deeply passionate about improving their local community. “I know for many it’s a different sort of day,” Turner says. “That is one of our goals. We hope all of what we are doing will help in some meaningful way.” As new and pressing needs arise in our local community, the Woodard Van Riper Family Foundation will continue to be a rallying cry for local charities to help them make a difference.

IMPD Mounted Horse Patrol Association invites the public to Indiana’s first-ever indoor polo match, Polkaboy, and fundraiser August 24

Polkaboy n' coliseum polo

The IMPD Mounted Horse Patrol Association is hosting “Polkaboy n’ Coliseum Polo” this August 24 at the Indiana Farmers Coliseum. This year’s event features Indiana’s first-ever indoor polo match at 5 pm with teams competing in exciting rounds called chukkers. At 7:30, fan-favorite German band Polkaboy takes the stage just outside the Coliseum.

Tickets are $25 through Ticketmaster and get you admission to the polo match and Polkaboy concert. Or upgrade to a VIP ticket for $100 and get admission to both plus access to the VIP tent, preferred parking, and an open bar with drinks and food included.

100% of the proceeds benefit the IMPD Mounted Patrol for the purchase and care of horses, training, and supplies.

More information, VIP tickets, and sponsorships are available now at

“This is our single largest fundraiser event for the Unit,” said Chris Golightly, Executive Director of the HPA. “No tax dollars comes to our Association, and we purchase all of the horses and training for officers and their equine partners. This is a true public-private partnership where private donations fund the purchase of these great animals.”

Indiana Farmers Insurance is this year’s supporting corporate sponsor. “This year’s event is the first at the Coliseum, having previously been hosted at Hickory Hall Polo Club in Whitestown where 2,000 plus fans have come. This year, we’re working to break all records and can’t wait to watch teams compete for the Indiana Farmers Insurance Cup,” said Golightly.

Gift saddle pads and breast plates this #GivingTuesday

Saddle pads and breast plates for #GivingTuesday 2018

We take great pride and care of our mounts, but our work is demanding and laborious. Hours in the saddle and miles patrolling Indianapolis every day take a toll on our gear. We need your help to purchase 15-20 breast plates and 15-20 saddle pads.

Saddle pads rest under the saddles and sit directly on the horse. They help keep the horse cool and dry, prevents chaffing, and keep the rider comfortable.

Breast plates are a securing mechanism for the saddle and rider. These leather straps wrap around the horse’s front chest and neck to keep the saddle secure. We purchase durable, padded breastplates so it’s comfortable for the horse and prevents chaffing or skin tearing.

Saddle pads are about $60 each and breast plates are $65 each. We need to raise $2,500 to purchase enough to last through 2019.

Your donation is tax-deductible. To purchase one or more of each or both, use the form below to securely checkout. You can also donate a specific amount to be earmarked for pads and breast plates.

The officers of IMPD Mounted Patrol, their mounts, and the board of the IMPD Mounted Horse Patrol Association thank you.

IMPD Mounted Horse Patrol Association raises $24,000

Polo at Sunset 2018

Record-breaking event will help rebuild capacity

It’s with a grateful heart the IMPD Mounted Horse Patrol Association announces this year’s Polo at Sunset raised $24,000.  That total surpasses last year’s event total by 35%.

Held on August 24 at Hickory Hall, all the funds raised from Polo at Sunset will benefit the officers and horses of the IMPD Mounted Patrol.

After the death of Dusty and Colonel this summer, this money will be put into service right away to help the unit boost the number of horses from seven to nine. The money will also be allocated to training seminars in Canada and Kentucky for the officers and horses.

We have many people to thank, including everyone who attended, bid, supported, and purchased items for this year’s event.

  • Special thanks to Greg and Donna Chandler, proprietors of Hickory Hall Polo Club.
  • Team sponsors The Stutz, Booth Dermatology, Two Chicks and a Hammer, Commercial Solutions and field sponsor Yellow Cab of Indiana.
  • Event sponsors Two Chicks and a Hammer, Big Red Liquors, Commercial Solutions, Eppley Plastic Surgery, Halstead Architects, Hilltop Farms, James H. Drew, Heather Fortune, Tom Godby, Lockerbie Square, Dr. Lynn Klus, and Pacers Sports and Entertainment, Bill and Suzy Powers, and Scott Whitaker.
  • Pilot Dave Esslinger and Laura Cain for the halftime candy drop.
  • Elite Beverages for contributions to the Association and Polo at Sunset

Thanks to you the IMPD Horse Patrol Association raised over $25,000

We couldn’t have done it without you!

The IMPD Mounted Horse Patrol Association raised $25,204 at Polo at Sunset on Aug. 25. Funds will benefit the officers and horses that make up the IMPD Mounted Patrol. We hope you had a fantastic experience.

We have many people to thank, including you, for this successful event.

  • Thank you to Greg and Donna Chandler who own Hickory Hall Polo Club. Did you know they host fundraising events weekly? This was the first-ever sell out event at Hickory Hall Polo Club with 1,200 attendees.
  • Our event sponsors Booth Dermatology and Cosmetics and The Stutz Business Center provided support that is immensely appreciated.
  • Special thanks to Dave and Laura Kane for dropping candy from their personal plane during halftime. The candy drop was a lot of fun for the hundreds of kids in attendance.
  • The Horse Patrol Association and the Mounted Patrol officers would like to thank Melissa Coxey, DeWitt & Shrader, P.C., Benny Diggs, Tom Godby, Halstead Architects, Hilltop Farms Excavating, Chris Golightly, JH Ventures, William Mirola, MS Companies, Stephen Park, Jean Parsons, Bill & Susie Powers, Missy Roetter, Southside Harley-Davidson, The Stutz, Terry Lee Honda, and Traders Point Hunt for their sponsorships via tailgate boxes.

A final thank you to everyone who attended, donated money, bid on silent auction items, and pledged support to the Horse Patrol Association and its work. A 2018 Polo at Sunset event is in the works. Sign up for our newsletter to get updates on our work and next year’s event.

With many thanks,

The IMPD Mounted Horse Patrol Association, Officers, and Horses

President, Turner Woodard

Vice President, John Ball

Secretary, Clayton Morgan

Treasurer, Jean Parsons

Sally Booth

Heather Fortune

Tom Godby

Chris Golightly

Sergio Gonzalez-Piriz

Mike Halstead

Steve Park

Bill Powers

Susie Powers

Joe Robinson

Missy Roetter

Bob Thomas

Sgt. Allan Whitesell, Unit Cmdr.

Ofcr. Ivy Craney

Ofcr. Denny Gerald

Ofcr. Jason Palumbo

Ofcr. Lorie Phillips

Ofcr. Chad Pryce

Ofcr. Luke Schmitt

Civilian Alice Stires, Hostler

IMPD Mounted Patrol Horses: Buzz, Cody, Colonel, Dusty, Jake, Maddie, and Stretch

Indianapolis Mounted Patrol plans new facilities on near west side

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and the Mounted Horse Patrol Association are planning new facilities on the near west side of Indianapolis, adjacent to their current property along Tibbs Avenue and West Washington Street.

The Mounted Patrol has an obvious need for horse stables and grazing facilities, requiring more land than a typical police station and parking lot. The Horse Patrol Association supplements the city budget by raising money to fund much of their capital expenditures themselves without taxpayer assistance. This is where you can help by donating to the cause.

The City of Indianapolis covers costs associated with bedding, hay, facility maintenance like mowing, and trash service. The HPA covers the cost of the horses, officer training, fence supplies, grooming supplies, training aids, and many supplies like shovels, picks, saddles, salt blocks, and more. This is where you can help by donating to the cause.

IMPD Mounted Patrol Offices

13-year old construction trailers currently used by IMPD Officers

A new plan forward for the Mounted Patrol

A new site plan is in place. After 13 years of temporary housing in discarded construction trailers, new plans call for a land swap at the site of the former Central State Hospital with the nearby Indiana Medical History Museum. The result is more space for police officers and horses that will be permanent and long-lasting. New storage facilities for feed and hay will make caring for the horses simpler. New construction will also make the horses and officers more comfortable in severe weather.

Proposed IMPD Mounted Patrol Facilities and Land Use

Proposed IMPD Mounted Patrol Facilities and Land Use

The new facilities are bordered by Tibbs to the west and Vermont to the North. Washington Street is just south of the new facilities. This location gives quick and efficient access to Downtown patrol areas, as well as a central location for deployment across Indianapolis.
Proposed Facility Floor Plans

Proposed Facility Floor Plans


The new facilities are bordered by Tibbs to the west and Vermont to the North. Washington Street is just south of the new facilities. This location gives quick and efficient access to Downtown patrol areas, as well as a central location for deployment across Marion County.

Your donation will directly fund the construction and development of IMPD’s new Mounted Patrol stables and offices. Together we can ensure the safety and health of our City’s horses, but also the dignity and respect to our officers.