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A multi-year project to stay involved


The next polo event is August 24th at Hickory Hall Polo Club. Become a premiere sponsor now and be among the first to support the Unit. You’ll receive tickets and parking for select guests. You’ll also receive announcements, banners, and large signage throughout the event.


Polo is a recurring event and we’d love your support into 2019, too. By mid-2019 the Horse Patrol Association will be well underway in its fundraising efforts for a new $5 million facility for the Mounted Patrol. You’ll be among the first to know about construction, planning, and next year’s polo tournament.


We hope to have construction plans, permits, and a shovel-ready site in the works in 2020. Your support today enables you to secure first advantage of named stables and other facilities for the Unit. See where we’re starting from today.

Over 3,000 people in one sold-out event

Candy drop at the 2017 Polo event

In 2017 the Horse Patrol Association sold out the Hickory Hall Polo Club. It was their first-ever sold-out crowd with more than 3,000 spectators from around Indianapolis. Here, hundreds of children and their parents run out on to the field at halftime for the crowd-favorite candy drop. Hundreds of pieces of candy rain from a single-engine airplane buzzing overhead.

The polo tournament is held at Hickory Hall, just east of Whitestown in Boone County. It’s the largest polo venue around we could find. Families from across the metro area head to Hickory Hall to watch the games, meet the officers and their off-duty colleagues, and pet the horses. Packing picnics and drinks, the event is a fun, safe, upscale tailgate party for everyone.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to sponsor for three years?

No, but we’d love your support this year, next, and beyond.

What's the maximum amount I can donate?

Because online transactions greater than $2,500 are governed by U.S. Laws, we’ll need to receive a check. HPA Board Members will reach out to you based on your interest below. You can donate $10,000 or more to the campaign – as much as you can!

Where can I donate amounts under $2,500?

If you’d like to support the Unit for an amount under $2,500 — one time or recurring — visit our donation page to get started.

What does the money go to, exactly?

We’re raising $5 million for a new barn, stables, pasture, and officer quarters on the near-west side of Indianapolis. You can see why from the current state of the Unit’s quarters here. Your donation will also support the horses’ veterinary care and officer training.

How is the Unit structured? What role does the HPA play?

The Mounted Patrol is supported by the City of Indianapolis and the Mounted Horse Patrol Association. The City provides salaries for the officers and some modest supplies like hay. The HPA supplies the horses, their vetirinary care, supplies, and training for the officers.

How much did the polo event raise last year?

The HPA raised just over $25,000. With your support we can dramatically increase that amount over the next few years.

3 types of sponsorship

Get a team for $2,500

For $2,500 you can have your very own polo team in the tournament. Sign up early and you’ll receive team jerseys with your name or logo on them.

Become a friend of the Mounted Patrol for $7,000

For $7,000 you’ll receive signage, announcements, and complimentary tickets and parking for the 2018 polo tournament. We can also work with you to sponsor specific areas of the event, like food, drinks, the silent auction, parking, candy drop, and more.

Become a premiere sponsor for $10,000

You can donate all at once or commit to a three-year deal to donate in 2018, 2019, and 2020. One high-value sponsor can enjoy naming rights to the polo tournament for all three years.

Policing for more than protection

Lock heart icon

For the love of horses

Indianapolis’ police horses need a safe place to sleep overnight. We keep them as warm with plenty of hay in the winter and cool with fans in the summer as possible, but we could do a lot more.

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Economic Development

The Mounted Patrol are good for the economic vitality of our city. Tens of thousands of tourists come to our city for Colts games, the Indy 500, conventions, and more. Mounted Patrol officers are there, working trails and streets. They’re looking for trouble their foot-and-patrol-car colleagues can’t see. And helping maintain the image of our city as they do.

City icon

Regional safety

About 45% of suburban workers commute into Indianapolis every day. Even if you don’t live in Marion County, the Unit’s work benefits everyone across the region in securing Indy’s image as a friendly, clean, and safe place to live, work, and play.

Police icon

Respect for officers

Officers in other units across the city have a station to call home. Mounted Patrol officers have 15+ year old discarded construction trailers. They’re 12 years beyond their useful life and are a safety and sanitary hazard for the officers.

Transform the entire Indianapolis metro community

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2017 Polo Event