Partnerships with IMPD Mounted Patrol and the HPA

The IMPD Mounted Patrol Unit has all of the same benefits and training available to them as any other Indianapolis police officer, with exception of most equipment funding beyond firearms. The Mounted Patrol Unit and the HPA enjoy a strong relationship with Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett, IMPD, and the City-County Council. All levels of leadership in the City of Indianapolis have routinely expressed their support for the Mounted Patrol and the work we do in community policing.

Because of city contracting and for everyone’s safety, the IMPD Mounted Patrol Unit cannot utilize volunteers. But there is a lot that individuals, businesses, and other organizations can do to help IMPD and the Mounted Patrol Unit specifically.

Individuals can donate money or direct donations from our wishlist. Businesses, nonprofits, and faith groups can partner with the Mounted Patrol Association to help with donations and organizing fundraisers and other events. Contact the HPA to start a conversation.