It’s time for a permanent, safe home for the IMPD Mounted Patrol. Your donation can help make it happen.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is in need of a new barn for its Mounted Patrol Unit. The current facility is dangerous and dilapidated, and the nonprofit IMPD Horse Patrol Association is seeking $1 million in donations to support their efforts to provide a new facility. Your donation will greatly impact not only the police department, but ultimately the City of Indianapolis, its citizens, and its businesses.

Helping the horses

Support for the Mounted Patrol Unit officers is supplied by the City of Indianapolis, but funds for the horses are provided by the IMPD Horse Patrol Association.

The HPA pays for the horses, officer training, fence supplies, grooming supplies, training aids, and supplies like shovels, picks, saddles, salt blocks, and more.
A new stable, training areas, and storage will all go a long way in helping the horses.
An indoor arena will also provide an additional location for the horses in inclement weather.

Support our heroes, and their equine partners

The IMPD Mounted Patrol has been using temporary housing for the last 13 years. The new facility will be permanent, spacious, and developed to last a long time. Officers will no longer have to use discarded construction trailers as offices, and the horses will have a facility they deserve. Our police officers and their horses have earned our support for their hard work and dedication to the City of Indianapolis.   

Your donation goes to efficient facilities

The trailers currently being used to house the Mounted Patrol Unit offices are rusty, worn down, and not ideal during severe weather. The new facilities will include a stable, indoor arena, and offices. Within the office area, there will be rooms for tack, lockers, weights, kitchen, community, and roll call. 

There will be two large storage areas, one for hay and bulk supplies and one for equipment, making upkeep and feeding easier. Training outdoors will include an obstacle area, riding area, and round pin. Ample room for trailer parking will be located in between the indoor and outdoor areas.

We have the space set for a new west side location

Located along Tibbs Avenue and Vermont Street, the new barn will provide convenient access to both Downtown patrol areas and other areas across Indianapolis. A land swap will take place at the site of the former Central State Hospital with the Indiana Medical History Museum. 

Giving back to the horses that serve

They have given us their dedication as officers and now we can give back in a big way. With your help, we can provide the level of support our brothers, sisters, and horses in blue deserve. The acreage allotted for the new facility will allow for a safe and healthy updated environment for the Mounted Patrol Unit, giving the horses and officers an opportunity to train and focus solely on keeping our city safe.