IMPD Mounted Patrol loses a second police horse within one month


On the morning of July 3, 2018, the IMPD Mounted Patrol put Dusty, a 22-year old Percheron quarter cross horse, to rest. He had lower leg issues that were beyond the scope of rehabilitation. Dusty’s death comes just a month after the passing of Colonel, another of the Unit’s horses who was laid to rest because of age and pain.

Dusty was purchased by the Mounted Horse Patrol Association in 2004 from Angola Prison in Louisiana where inmates there help train police horses. Dusty was a regular of event patrols around Indianapolis. He stood approximately 16.2 hands tall (about 5.5 feet).

Horse Patrol Association Executive Director Chris Golightly said, “He was the rock and father of the herd. He was always placing the rookie or veteran horses in their place. He was a rock-solid, reliable horse for the Unit and he will be missed for sure”

The Unit’s herd is increasingly aged, with an average age of about 15 years. The Association faces the difficult task of replacing both Dusty and Colonel despite tight funds to replace two at once.

Training expenses for new horses are also supported by the non-profit Association. If you would like to support the Unit and help purchase a new horse, donate to the IMPD Mounted Horse Patrol Association.


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